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Grand Theft Auto IV Introduction & First Mission Walkthrough Video in Full HD (1080p)

GTA IV & Episodes from Liberty City (Chronological Order) Playlist:

GTA IV Walkthrough [with Cutscenes] Playlist:


Mission N. 1 - The Introduction

Mission Name: The Cousins Bellic

● Drive to Roman's place.

Reward: $25

Location: Broker \ Dukes, Liberty City

Given by: Roman Bellic \ Opening Mission


Related Achievements \ Trophies:
- Off The Boat


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 & PC
Video recorded on: PC with all settings maxed out

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Original: Soviet Connection by Michael Hunter

I mixed in the intro new till 1:30 with the menu-stream and some death-loops music (all these musicpieces can be found with "OpenIV" in the Archives in the folders "GPS" and "loading").
After around 1:30 it's the credits music.

I didn't create the picture or the music. I just mixed the Intromusic new and edited the picture very sightly!

if you want to use this mix it's fine for me, but pls note the creator at least.

I'm glad the copyright holder is so much more nicer than others these days.

plz comment and rage :D

mix by SyllabicRose858:

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Para onde a POLICIA leva o PRESO no GTA 4 ? 🕵 #shorts

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Grand Theft Auto IV Theme Song

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Não tem descrição.

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Música da intro:
Danosongs - Cellular Faith

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Cada cual tiene lo suyo, ponte y cómodo y disfruta esta comparación a base de mi humor, dejame en los comentarios cual de estos 3 es tu GTA favorito.

Hasta la proxima :_D

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Estos son algunos de los detalles alucinantes de Grand Theft Auto 4

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Grand Theft Auto IV Retrospective Super Cut

Heyo! This is a re-upload of my previous GTA IV Supercut, as the video was flagged and demonetized for “language”. After failing my appeal, I’ve re-edited it with most of the language now censored (I muted the words instead of a beep), so hopefully it’s all good now. Original 3 videos are still up on the channel and completely uncensored to view!

#gta #gtaIV #grandtheftauto

Chapter Breaks

0:00:00 - Supercut
0:00:36 - GTA IV Intro
0:05:46 - Part 1 Welcome to Liberty City
0:30:40 - Part 2 On The Run
1:01:47 - Part 3 The One Who Survived
1:18:37 - Finale Deal or Revenge
1:38:29 - The Lost and Damned
2:20:48 - The Ballad of Gay Tony

Differences and Edits from Original Videos:
F-Word Censored Throughout
GTA IV Retrospective:
Cut out outro
Shortened a few cutscenes
Moved discussion of Random Characters towards the beginning
Redid my take on the driving to explain it better
Some new lines here and there to better explain certain parts
New footage when referring to older games

The Lost and Damned:
Cut down the intro
Cut out outro
Shortened some cutscenes
Added more notes

The Ballad of Gay Tony:
Cut out outro
Shortened some cutscenes
Added a few more notes

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See more here : GTA 5 Facts and Glitches You Don't Know #26 (From Speedrunners)

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Here's Everything GREAT about Grand Theft Auto 4! I hope you enjoy the video!

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GTA Loading Theme.
Das Video ist nachbearbeitet. Natürlich dauert
es bei mir nicht so lange, zu laden.
Und diese Mission gibts auch nicht...

This Video is a Postproduction of the original Loading Screen from the PC Version of GTA 4
Of course, my PC dont need this time to load the Game.
And the mission are loading... Just a insider joke ;-)

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مقارنه جديده بين لعبه gta v ولعبه gta iv
#gta #gta5 #gtav

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Grand Theft Auto IV - 14 Years Later

It's the 14th anniversary of GTA IV. How does the game hold up? Did gaming journalists overhype it? Did it deserve the criticisms it received? Lets find out!

Check out my review on another Rockstar game, Bully:

#GTAIV #14YearsLater #GrandTheftAuto

00:00 - Intro
05:10 - Part 1 Welcome to Liberty City
0:28:11 - Part 2 On The Run
0:59:30 - Part 3 The One Who Survived
1:16:27 - Finale Deal or Revenge *SPOILERS*
1:31:30 - Closing Thoughts
1:37:10 - Outro

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Por que o GTA 4 é tão ODIADO ? 😢

#gta4 #gtaiv #gtav #gta5 #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #grandtheftautov #gta

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GTA 4 felt way more laid back than GTA 5. When you're playing GTA 5 almost everything will get you stars. In GTA 4, Niko just had to spend a night downtown and then he was on his way.


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