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GTA IV - Soviet Connection (New mixed Intro)

21 Views· 2023/10/12
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download: http://www.mediafire.com/?nz82vlvxo9l8m83

Original: Soviet Connection by Michael Hunter

I mixed in the intro new till 1:30 with the menu-stream and some death-loops music (all these musicpieces can be found with "OpenIV" in the Archives in the folders "GPS" and "loading").
After around 1:30 it's the credits music.

I didn't create the picture or the music. I just mixed the Intromusic new and edited the picture very sightly!

if you want to use this mix it's fine for me, but pls note the creator at least.

I'm glad the copyright holder is so much more nicer than others these days.

plz comment and rage :D

mix by SyllabicRose858: https://youtu.be/gPe4w4cTYWs

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