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For the latest Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV pricing and information:

There's so much tech in the Mercedes Benz EQE SUV I could do an entire video just about that. But, lucky for you, I’m going to talk about that a whole bunch more.

But first, context. The EQE SUV is the fourth model from Mercedes that rides on their exclusive all-electric platform. The EQS, EQS SUV and EQE sedan all came first.

This EQE SUV is the smallest of all those vehicles with the shortest wheelbase at 119.3-inches. If you were to slot the EQE SUV between their non-EV products it would fall between the GLE and the GLS.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a look at it. It’s got a predictable shape, looks pretty much like a smaller EQS, not much by way of unique characteristics but it’s not super sedate. It’s got a slight fast-back roof style so looks a little more on the sporty and aerodynamic side of things. Mercedes always offers great paint choices and the EQE is no exception. That brown is killer.

When you come inside things start to get infinitely more interesting. There is a massive modern aesthetic in here and it’s that borderline lounge like vibe we’ve been expecting. Well it’s here. The seats are big and comfortable and luxurious with an optional massage function.

The highlight of the interior has to be the massive OLED screen. The standard base model screen is impressive enough but upgrade to the Hyper screen and this sucker stretches the entire span of the dash. It uses haptic feedback for controls and get this your passenger can watch a movie with headphones. If the driver looks too much at that screen it shuts off. Or you can just pull over and watch a different movie on your screen. Graphics and clarity are killer. Is it too much? Tell me in the comments!!

Another cool interior feature is the heat pump, which comes standard across the trim walk and like traditional heaters pulls waste heat from the inverter and motor and uses that to heat the cabin, which is ridiculously quiet I might add, so you’re not using up precious battery. Brilliant.

When it comes to the driving experience, the big question for me is, okay, this is an EV but is it still Mercedes level. Speaking from the ride comfort and on optional air suspension which I’ll be honest is a bit too bouncy and soft for me. Especially from the passenger seat even when adjusting the side lumbar around turns I was shifting back and forth a lot. I don’t like how it’s tuned in those 22-inch wheels.

When it comes to quickness, the EQE SUV delivers. Specifically, it delivers 288 horsepower and and 417 lb-ft of torque on the base 350+ model (Single 217 kW output). (350 4Matic: Dual motors w/217 kW total output/288 hp, 564 lb-ft torque) If you opt for the dual motor 350 4Matic that torque number increases. And with the high output dual motor 500 4Matic (Dual motors w/300 kW total output/402 hp/633 lb-ft torque) you get significant bumps in both categories. Mercedes claims it’s got a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds.

As far as stopping all that power and weight and momentum you do get true one-pedal regenerative driving.

Range on the 350+ hits at 279 miles. For the 4Matic 350 that goes down a bit to 253 when you’ve got on all-season tires and the 500 4Matic gets 269 miles. All three take about 9.5 hours to fully charge when using a Level II but you can get to 80% from 10 in about 32 minutes with a max 170 kWh charger. That means if you need a quick 100 miles on a fast charger you could likely get it in about ten to fifteen minutes. And the warranty on those batteries is 10 years or 155,000 miles.

Safety features include blind-spot monitoring, speed limit assist and traffic sign recognition, active brake assist with a cross traffic warning. If the word assist is in the feature it’s in the EQE SUV.

Let’s talk about pricing for a quick second. The EQE SUV starts around $77,900 for the 350+ trim. That doesn’t include destination (Graphic: destination: $1,150). Maybe I’m jaded at this point but I’ve seen how quickly car prices can go and for what you’re getting here this doesn’t seen unreasonable.

Move up the trim ladder to the EQE 350 4Matic and it’s the same price – remember you get more torque and all-wheel drive but less range, so fair trade. When you hit the 500 4Matic you’re looking at a 89,500 starting price.

Lots of Luxury lots of tech. Mercedes is really at the top of their game when it comes to EVs. If you’re in the market for a luxury electric vehicle then the EQE should really be on your list.

00:00 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV
0:55 Exterior
1:19 Interior
5:25 Driving Impressions
10:43 Range
11:30 Safety Features
14:03 Price
14:49 Competitors

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Take a look at the all-new 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV AMG Line Premium Plus. See in this video a complete visual review : Exterior, Digital light, Interior, trunk & MBUX Hyperscreen.

Thanks a lot to / Merci beaucoup à Mercedes-Benz Cortaillod, Étoile
Automobile :

Price of the presented model : CHF 208'295

Timeline :
0:00 Welcome animation
0:19 Exterior
1:42 Interior front seats
2:57 Interior rear seats with comfort package
4:20 Driver's display & Head-up display
4:55 MBUX Infotainment & driving modes
6:25 Ambient lighting
7:00 360 Surround view
7:21 Passenger display
7:52 Rear seat entertainment
8:48 Trunk, modularity & storage spaces

Color : High-tech silver
Interior : Black/Space Grey Nappa leather

Specifications :
Total Power : 400 kW (544 PS)
Total Torque : 858 Nm
Drive : AWD
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h : 4.6 sec
Top Speed : 210 km/h
Electric Range : 609 km

#EQSSUV #MercedesEQSSUV #MercedesEQS #EQS #EQS580 #Hyperscreen #EQS5804MATIC #EQS5804MATICSUV #MercedesEQSSUV2023

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This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS

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Tech I'm using right now:

Intro Track: Equillibre by Hocus Pocus
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Production of the Mercedes EQS luxury SUV - Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Plant Tuscaloosa, US

Mercedes EQS will be built exclusively in Alabama.

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2023 Mercedes Benz EQS 450+ EV Review
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I felt drawn to the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, the first electric Mercedes-Benz SUV I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s based on the same platform as the EQS sedan, only it’s higher off the ground and a little more spacious inside. The interior is just as luxurious as you’d expect if you’ve seen the inside of the EQS, and is nearly as posh as the flagship S-Class sedan. And yes, pillows are included on this beautiful 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 SUV.

But what’s most notable to me is that the EQS SUV can change your day. Turn to the Energizing Comfort option in the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 SUV and put it on Freshness mode, and it will instantly lift your mood. The EQS SUV will release an uplifting scent into the cabin. Yes, there is a fragrance dispenser in the glove compartment that looks like a perfume bottle. The scent that came with my test model was Mood Mimosa. And let me tell you, that instant boost made me feel like I was sitting on a sunny patio on the ocean’s edge sipping a mimosa. The scent was crisp and bright but not too strong, with a hint of citrus.

Who Is This Car For
-Tech-forward single needing SUV cargo space
-Small urbanite families
-Luxury car lover with a big budget who wants to make the jump to an electric car

What You Need To Know
-It’s so posh and quiet, you might get too comfortable because of pillows and air suspension
-It’s quiet yet mighty, it’ll take to you 60 mph in 4.5 seconds
-An available third row is cool, but I need to see it to see if it’s real
-Can your lifestyle handle the 285 miles (450km) in electric range and will you charge at home

Let us know what questions you have in the comments below and check out the full story here:

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Intro 00:00
Exterior Features 00:26
Cargo Space 01:25
Interior Features 03:00
Infotainment Screen & Digital Gauge Cluster 03:18
Center Console & Storage 06:23
Swipe Controls 08:05
Rear Interior Features 08:30
Drive Modes 10:04
Fingerprint Sensor 11:17
Fragrance Diffuser 11:54
Ambient Light 12:17
Our Thoughts 12:47

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2023 EQS SUV review by Mercedes Lounge. The 2023 Mercedes Benz EQS 580 SUV is putting down 536 horsepower and 633 lb-ft of torque from a 107.8 kwh battery and 2 electric motors. At $125,950*, would you take it over the Escalade V or maybe a Tesla Model X?

00:00 Intro
00:20 MBUX Hyperscreen
00:30 Startup
00:45 Surround View Camera
01:40 Acceleration -- 355 hp 590 lb-ft
02:20 Battery and Performance
03:15 DYNAMIC SELECT including Comfort, Sport, Eco and Individual driving modes
03:50 Exterior - One-bow design
04:50 Dimensions
05:50 Wheels and Tires
08:00 Acceleration Estimated 0-60 mph (sec)
09:09 Electric Range and Charging
11:25 Exterior - Design, LED Lights, Frunks, Wheels
16:05 Third Row Seat
17:14 Rear Seats
18:50 Interior - Passenger, Ambient Lighting with 64 Colors
19:34 MBUX Hyperscreen with three displays under a single 56-inch curved glass surface
24:12 Panorama Roof, SOS, Interior Lights
24:27 Rear Seats, Storage
25:57 Third Row Seat Comfort and Features
28:12 12.3” Instrument Cluster and Screens - Classic, Sport, Off-road etc.
29:45 Sign-off and Subscribe

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[EQS SUV 450 4MATIC vorläufige Werte WLTP | Stromverbrauch kombiniert: 24,0–20,0 kWh/100 km | CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert: 0 g/km]* Subscribe to the channel so you get notified for new exciting videos here:

With the EQS SUV, Mercedes-EQ is setting a new benchmark for luxurious and comfortable driving. A pioneer on the road: the EQS SUV is the first all-electric large luxury SUV from Mercedes-EQ with room for up to seven people. It comes with features like the MBUX Hyperscreen, rear-axle steering and a spacious interior with rear-seat entertainment. This is electric excellence in a new dimension.

The availability of the communication module (LTE) is temporarily limited for certain vehicles due to supply bottlenecks. Please note that especially Mercedes me connect services including the emergency call system (eCall) are not available in the affected vehicles. Ongoing actual information is available at your Mercedes-Benz dealer.

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Product may vary after press date on 21.04.2022.

*Angaben zum Stromverbrauch und zur Reichweite sind vorläufig und wurden freiwillig intern nach Maßgabe der Zertifizierungsmethode „WLTP-Prüfverfahren“ ermittelt. Es liegen bislang keine bestätigten Werte einer amtlich anerkannten Prüforganisation vor. Abweichungen zu den finalen Werten sind möglich.

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The EQS is the first all-electric luxury saloon from Mercedes-EQ. With it, Mercedes-EQ is redefining this vehicle segment. You would like to learn more about the EQS? Click the following link to get more exciting information:

The EQS is also the first model to be based on the modular architecture for luxury and executive-class electric vehicles. Fusing technology, design, functionality and connectivity, the EQS delights both drivers and passengers.

As part of its Ambition 2039 initiative, Mercedes-Benz is working on offering a carbon-neutral new car fleet within 20 years from now. By as early as 2030, the company wants more than half the cars it sells to feature electric drive systems – this includes fully electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. In many areas, Mercedes-EQ is already thinking about tomorrow today: the new EQS is designed to be correspondingly sustainable. The vehicles are produced in a carbon-neutral manner, and resource-saving materials such as carpets made from recycled yarn are used. This is because Mercedes-Benz considers the entire value chain, from development and the supplier network to its own production. Mercedes-Benz AG has had its climate protection targets confirmed by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).

A performance version is being planned. All EQS models have an electric powertrain (eATS) at the rear axle, while the versions with 4MATIC also have an eATS at the front axle.

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The S-Class has always been the flagship of the Mercedes-Benz range, featuring the latest tech and luxury on offer from the German brand. Can the EQS offer the same, in an electric package? Watch our 2023 Mercedes EQS review to find out.

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The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is the automaker's latest fully electric vehicle and the first pure electric Benz built in the United States; it's made at the company's Alabama factory. Based on a platform shared with the EQS sedan, the 2023 EQS SUV sits at the top of Mercedes' EV range in terms of space, connectivity, and comfort (for up to seven people).

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With the EQS SUV, Mercedes-Benz is setting a new benchmark for luxurious and comfortable driving. A pioneer on the road: the EQS SUV is the first all-electric large luxury SUV from Mercedes-Benz with room for up to seven people. It comes with features like the MBUX Hyperscreen, rear-axle steering and a spacious interior with optional rear-seat entertainment. This is electric excellence in a new dimension. Learn more at

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Viel Spaß mit unserem Video über den Mercedes :)

#Mercedes #Elektro #Autos

• Baureihe: seit 2023
• Leistung: 544PS
• Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 210 km/h
• Beschleunigung (0-100 km/h): 4,6 Sekunden
• Getriebe: Automatikgetriebe
• Anzahl Türen: 4
• Anzahl Sitzplätze: 5
• Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 20,6 KWH/100km
• CO2-Emissionen: 0g/km

00:00 Intro
01:07 Exterieur
08:21 Kofferraum
09:47 Anhängelast
10:41 Motoren
12:02 Aufladen/Reichweite
15:42 Interieur
22:12 Head up Display
22:44 Infotainment
26:27 Platzangebot
27:08 Rücksitzbank
30:16 Fahreindruck
35:35 0-100
37:01 Assistenz
40:25 Ladeplanung
42:53 Fazit/Preise

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• Objektiv:*
• Mikrofon:*

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The Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV is the upcoming electric luxury SUV set to hit showroom floors in the Fall. In this video, Mark Takahashi from Edmunds is in Frankfurt, Germany to bring you a sneak peek at the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV and gives you all the latest information on Mercedes' newest electric SUV. Mark breaks down all the details and what to expect when the EQS SUV is released, including its estimated range numbers and how quickly the electric SUV charges. Mark also takes you through the EQS SUV interior and explores all of the high-tech features Mercedes has to offer. The Mercedes EQS is looking to make a huge dent in the luxury electric SUV market, and the early returns are very promising. This is our first look at the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV price & review:

00:00 Intro
00:27 Walk-Around
01:37 Styling & Pricing
02:38 Interior
05:07 Charging
05:43 Edmunds' Take

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It’s time to find out which luxury electric car will take you the further - the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53, or the BMW i7!

We’ve got Mat and Daniel (the presenter from @carwowDeutschland) in both of these cars, they’ve been fully charged, and they’re going to drive them continuously up a British motorway until the batteries are fully depleted!

So let’s see how the two compare. Starting with the Mercedes, we’ve got the top-of-the-range Mercedes-AMG EQS 53. As a result it comes equipped with two electric motors that can produce 658hp and 950Nm of torque. However, this car also has a £9,000 performance pack added to it, so the power output has been increased to 750hp and 1,020Nm!

The EQS is also equipped with a 107.8kWh battery pack that is good for a claimed range of 357 miles. Naturally, it’s pretty heavy, weighing in at 2,580kg, and an AMG EQS fitted with the £9,000 performance pack will cost around £170,000.

Next up we have the BMW. It’s the 760i edition, and just like the EQS it’s also equipped with two motors. The power output is 544hp and 745Nm of torque. It’s heavier than the EQS, at 2,640kg, and it has a 102kWh battery pack that’s good for a claimed range of 385 miles. Given it’s not the i7M (which isn’t available to buy yet), it’s cheaper than the EQS, starting from £110,000.

So which will go further - the BMW, or the AMG? Comment with your guess, then sit back and see which wins!

Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 review:

BMW i7 review:

Mercedes EQS v Tesla Model 3 v Mustang Mach-E v BMW iX Range Test:

Electric SUV Range Test:

Sell your car with carwow:

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Rory takes a look at the astonishing technology on the Mercedes-AMG EQS 53, including projector headlights, eye scanning door mirrors, and a system that filters out smells.

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Designprijzen zal de nieuwe Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV waarschijnlijk niet winnen, met z'n afgeronde vormen. Maar die dienen wel een doel: de luchtweerstand drukken om deze gigantische, elektrische SUV toch een fatsoenlijke actieradius te geven. Of het werkt, zie je in onze video.

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Unlock your sense of exploration with the all-electric EQS SUV.

This stunning presentation of technology provides a 56-inch-wide curve display that seamlessly integrates with every screen in the vehicle. Each screen also has its own personal Bluetooth connectivity, for individual entertainment.

The EQS SUV maximizes battery life with navigation that calculates energy based on speed, load and road topography, so you can plan your journey uninterrupted.

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The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS SUV and it's electric counterpart, the 2023 Mercedes-EQ EQS SUV are both great options for anyone looking for a quality mid to large sized luxury SUV. With the Mercedes-EQ electric lineup becoming increasingly more popular with public, many have a hard time choosing between the all-electric EQS SUV, and its gas powered predecessor.

There are quite a few differences between the 2023 GLS SUV and the 2023 EQS SUV, beginning with size, seating arrangements, display screens, engines or lack thereof, and general look.

If you are looking to get your very own Mercedes-Benz SUV, or have questions about any of the models, be sure to come on down to our Huntington located dealership on Long Island, New York, give us a call at (631) 486-0158, or visit our website at!

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