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Here's another no repeat full body workout for you to do at home!

This is a fun, intensive workout that you can easily do at home to burn fat and lose weight!! You can easily do this workout everyday even though it's a half hour workout. The doable routines included in this workout will help you achieve the best results as you regularly do the workout.

Good luck and let's begin the workout!鉂わ笍馃挭

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00:00 Introduction
00:14 Arm Circles
01:07 Rest
01:24 Hip Swirls
02:18 Rest
02:35 Lateral Steps
03:31 Rest
03:48 Windmill
04:42 Rest
04:59 Downward Punches
05:52 Rest
06:24 Push Jumps
07:14 Rest
07:36 Deadlifts
08:26 Rest
08:48 Punches
09:39 Rest
10:01 Sumo Hold
10:52 Rest
11:14 Body Extensions
12:05 Rest
12:47 Leg Kicks
13:37 Rest
13:59 Forward Calf Raises
14:51 Rest
15:13 Slow Star Jumps
16:04 Rest
16:26 Standing Side Crunch Left
16:58 Standing Side Crunch Right
17:30 Rest
17:52 Lunge Jumps
18:43 Rest
19:25 Lateral Arm Circles
20:14 Rest
20:36 Victory Squat
21:26 Rest
21:48 Arm Reach Lunge
22:37 Rest
22:59 Knee Raises
23:51 Rest
24:33 Arm Stretch Left
25:24 Arm Stretch Right
26:14 Side Bend Stretch Left
27:05 Side Bend Stretch Right
27:56 Knee Stretch Right
28:47 Knee Stretch Left

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