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I Mixed a Punk Song in Only ONE HOUR... Is It Any Good?

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I was the mix engineer on this punk song over 15 years ago. Follow along with my mix workflow as I try to mix it better...and faster than before!

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Music I’ve Worked On: https://open.spotify.com/playl....ist/6I7P7AIIWRB6ocsj
Website: https://hardcoremusicstudio.com



Computer / Interface:
Mac M1 Studio Max https://sweetwater.sjv.io/anOMOo
Avid Carbon https://sweetwater.sjv.io/ZQ6M6g
Apogee Duet 3 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/y2qXqb

Monitors / Headphones:
Avantone CLA-10a https://sweetwater.sjv.io/WqyMyZ
Audio Technica ATH-M50 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/PyOMON

Shure SM57 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/daOMy7
AKG D112 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/Kj0MBy
Sennheiser e604 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/DKyvWa
Shure SM7b https://sweetwater.sjv.io/5g5vk3
AKG C451b https://sweetwater.sjv.io/jre9Rv
Shure SM81 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/eK1LnD
Audio Technica AT4050 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/JzKMqr

API 3124 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/eK1LRD
EL8 Distressor https://sweetwater.sjv.io/XYmMd4

Favorite Plugins:
BSA Clipper https://blacksaltaudio.com/clipper
Escalator https://blacksaltaudio.com/escalator
Low Control https://blacksaltaudio.com/low-control
Waves SSL Bundle https://waves.alzt.net/dMd4q
Waves CLA Compressors https://waves.alzt.net/0va0P
Waves Platinum https://waves.alzt.net/jxz2M
Slate Trigger 2 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/MmAM53
SoundToys Rack https://sweetwater.sjv.io/xkLgyd
Auto-tune Pro https://sweetwater.sjv.io/OreMYr
Vocalign Project https://sweetwater.sjv.io/xkLgyA
Cranesong Phoenix II https://sweetwater.sjv.io/PyOMrz

Instruments / Amps:
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare https://sweetwater.sjv.io/1r9vDR
Gibson Les Paul https://sweetwater.sjv.io/B0nvz1
Evertune Guitars https://sweetwater.sjv.io/WqyM6P
Fender Jazz Bass https://sweetwater.sjv.io/nLX5R6
Sansamp Bass Driver DI https://sweetwater.sjv.io/OreM9Q
EVH 5150 https://sweetwater.sjv.io/4PGvr9
Mesa 2x12 cab https://sweetwater.sjv.io/75avGA

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