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Maio - I'm Not Your Hardcore Punks! (Official Lyric Video)

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"The sleaze punk 'n' roll group Maio from Bandung, ID, has made a triumphant return after releasing their debut album in 2021. This time, they present a fresh offering in the form of a lyrics video titled 'I'm Not Your Hardcore Punks.' This release also signifies a significant shift in Maio's musical style, marked by increased aggression and progression, and the introduction of Ridwan as the new guitarist. The current quintet lineup comprises Aziz (vocals), Ridwan (guitar), Abuy (guitar), Kikim (bass), and Wisong (drums).

"In terms of lyrics, our aim is to convey that we've moved beyond playing ordinary hardcore punk music. The musical composition has been injected with a lot of rock 'n' roll influences by Ridwan, which I personally find somewhat challenging to play. Nonetheless, performing compositions like these is genuinely exciting. It's also a tribute to hardcore punk veterans such as Black Flag, Bad Brains, and others," explained Kikim.

"We also want to voice our opinions about the unspoken rules associated with this genre of music, which, in my opinion, remain rigid. This includes aspects like appearance, outdated conventions, and other expectations attached to the label 'punk.' These no longer hold relevance in the present day," added Aziz.

This track serves as the opening piece for an upcoming release, with the video being created by Aziz.

"The project presented some challenges, primarily related to location and time constraints. I had to travel quite a distance to Abuy's place and worked tirelessly from morning till night. Thankfully, there were no major technical obstacles, except for one setback: at the outset, I forgot to save my work and had to start from scratch," Aziz lamented.

Executive Producer: Disaster Records
Director: Aziz Rustanto & Achmad Nurhakim
Director of Photography: Aziz Rustanto
Artwork: Diki Rohman Sidik
Animation Logo: Aziz Rustanto
BTS: Jehan Alimathin
Artistic: Achmad Nurhakim & Jehan Alimathin

Vocal: Aziz Rustanto
Drum: Aldi Waliputra
Lead: Guitar Ridwan Ariansyah
Bass: Achmad Nurhakim
Guitar: Diki Rohman Sidik



Manipulated by your peers
Now your ignorance detested
Like the snake running smoothly
Displays a manly subversive humor
The origin of the steven blush’s term
Rebuttal hard, fast and cruel
Ronald reagent era, side hard to control
Vocal intensity and rough tone

Bad Brains started all
Circle Jerks polished up

Political frustration and disillusionment
Drums are a killing machine
Raw emotion expressed by lucky lehrer
Not always depend on the metronome
The shape of punk to come
Mind power formed as a jazz ensemble
On the east coast of America
He bring the noise to kicking ass

Bad Brains started all
Circle Jerks polished up

I’m not your Hardcore Punks!


Disaster Records, 2023.

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