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Wojak tries to HODL...

Hello guys!, these days have been hard, all markets are crashing (crypto , stocks). My portfolio is down like 40%, that's why, despite the fact that some cryptos have bounced a little bit, many people are still having big losses, for that reason I decide to create this video ,where wojak faces the crypto market and is advised by zoomer to HODL and not panic sell.

Wojak face a very complex and stressful situation with a big lection at the end.

Remember guys the current situation of the stock and crypto market is a good opportunity to go shopping or cost averaging some coins with solid projects behind (as always before we buy we need to do our diligences and use money that we dont need in the near future). In my case I will HODL untill we see shiba inu, doge coin, baby doge coin, bitcoin, ethereum , solana, to the moon again!


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I hope you like the video and I keep my fingers crossed to see again all altcoins and cryptocurrencies in the moon again!

Finally, as always, please tell me any comments or suggestions to improve my next wojak crypto meme video, any ideas that you like or anything that is on your mind, please feel free to contact me!

With love, your friend Magic Money.

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About the Channel:

Welcome to this meme channel, you will find ordinary stories about investment and other topics of the current economy, represented by Wojak Memes, so in this channel you will find funny videos about Doomer, Zoomer, Boomer, stocks, meme stocks, Crypto, etc.

It is a very small channel so any suggestions or comments to improve this journey would be great!

My goal is to one day be as good as Bizonacci, Dustin O'daffer, MillenniaThinker, Low Budget Stories, and Zero Budget Stories. Your comments are extremely important to me, so don't be shy.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice of any kind.

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